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Direct Service to All Bay Area & Airport
San Francisco (SFO)  •  Oakland (OAK)  •  San Jose (SJC)
Airport Taxi Cab Co provide service to San Francisco Airport, San Jose Airport and Oakland Airport. The most reliable and affordable flat rate cab service in San Francisco Bay Area. For your convenience Airport Taxi Cab Co, provides 24 hours 7 days a week. They also provide mini van with car seats for infants and children of all ages.

Online reservation is available 24 hour a day. If booking is made after 10 pm, you will receive confirmation after 5 am and your pick up time has to be after 6 am the next day. For last minutes reservation just call us at 650-416-6676. This apply only when you reserved your cab after 10 pm.

Airport drop off service is available 24 hours a day, but booking has to be made in between 5 am - 10 pm at least night before.

Flat rates are available for transportation to and from San Francisco Airport (SFO), San Jose Airport (SJC), Oakland Airport (OAK). Click out our flat rates to or from Mountain view, Sunnyvale, Belmont, Cupertino,  Foster City, Los altos, Los Gatos, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Redwood Shores, Fremont, Milpitas, San Mateo, San Carlos, Stanford, Saratoga, Menlo Park and much more.



Vish M.

Very reasonable rates for timely and flexible service. Used them to transport family of four to SFO for a cross continent flight. The dozen bags were accommodated with no complaints and elderly parents comfort kept top of mind. Strongly reco from my family and will definitely use them again !


Han A.

Atrocious.  Made a reservation for a 7:20 AM pick up to SFO.  7:45 AM and still no car in sight.  There are just too many other reliable transportation options to have to deal with the stress of using Airport Taxi Cab, where reservation times are apparently taken as mere suggestions.Save yourself a lot of stress, and AVOID AT ALL COSTS!


Dan B.

Driver was polite for 7 am on a weekend morning, but I found a few points lacking:1) Right off the bat, he started asking me for directions to a destination less than 2 miles away from where he'd spent the morning parked. (The reason I bother taking cabs in places I've never visited is that drivers presumably know the area, whereas I don't.)1.5) He then pulled over to set up the GPS. (This should've happened after I stated the destination and before we commenced driving.)2) The fare meter was still running while we were parked for him to fiddle with the GPS. (I shouldn't have to pay for a driver to a] do what they should've already done and / or b] figure out what they should already know.)I kept glancing around the interior for a cab ID #, driver info, etc. like other cab companies display, but everywhere blankness. #sketchI still tipped and thanked the man, of course. I also walked the way back on my own, trading time for simplicity.


L R.

It would be 1 star but the driver himself was nice & did well.I called for a cab, was given a different number (the one on this particular entry). I called this number, the dispatcher seemed to be doing something else while I was speaking with her. I gave her my address twice & spelled out the street name. I was told the cab would arrive in 15 minutes or less. At 20 min. the driver called, said he was close by. Then he called me a couple of minutes later & asked me to be waiting outside. Then he called and asked where I was. He had been given the wrong address.  Once he picked me up he apologized for the delay, showed me the address he was given and got me to my destination. He also told me this wasn't the 1st time dispatch had gotten it wrong and was frustrated. I won't call them again and will make sure to tell everyone NOT to call.


Marsha S.

I wasn't happy with their service.  I called and was promised a taxi for a ride to SFO to catch a plane.  After I waited 30 mins. and no one showed, I called back and was told they'd contact the late driver and get back to me.  It finally got so late that I contacted Uber which arrived within 5-10 mins. and I made it on time to catch my plane.


Steve G.

Excellent service. Jag was early, courteous, and very reliable in our airport delivery. He even offered us tick tacks mid ride! Will definitely use again. Reliable Oakland option.


Anke H.

I made a reservation online Friday night for a pickup Sunday noon. No taxi showed up, so I called their number 5 min past noon. The dispatcher first told me that I don't have a reservation and when I insisted that I even got a confirmation he finally found me but stated he had me scheduled for Monday by mistake. He promised to send a cab right now. I asked how long this will take and after some internal checking he confirmed the cab will pick me up in less than 10 min. So I waited 20 more min and after that took my own car heading to ANZA parking. I called the dispatcher twice to let him know that I won't need the taxi anymore but all I got was an answering machine. While sitting in the ANZA bus the taxi driver called me stating he is now there. Well, if you need a cab to the airport who can afford to wait 45 min for a cab? Seriously?


Mike U.

Not much to look for in a good cab experience, right? Picked me up shortly after calling, cab and driver were clean and not odiferous (and yes, friendly), and I got home quickly.  sounds like a win to me.


tamika t.

Elvis is one of the best cab drivers I have ever encountered. He was soooo pleasant


Jacob Y.

Sean was a very interesting person! He was upbeat and very talkative and made the ride an experience of itself! He was fucking dope! Highly recommended.