66: Fernando Alonso's dorsal for the Indy 500 of 2019

Dorsal de Alonso

Due to an error, the dorsal was leaked with which it will run in this edition 2019. So we already know the dorsal of Fernando Alonso for the Indy 500: the 66 . It is a "very American" dorsal, mythical both within the Indy and now we will comment and also out of it. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the United States and 66 is the famous route, right?

Little by little we are getting to know more about this project. We first knew that Fernando Alonso would compete this 2019 in the legendary Indy 500 race, the 500 Indianapolis Miles , and that he would compete with McLaren. But this time not under the infrastructure of Mario Andretti as in the previous occasion. Then we learned that Carlin will be one of his allies along with the Chevrolet rider, regardless of Honda. We also knew that the seat was already made and that in Woking they had already received the Dallara DW12 chassis that they will use.

Alonso taking a seat for the Indy

Now, for this "filtration" (merchandising has been put on sale) we know that you will try to conquer the Triple Crown with the number 66 in your car. In the previous edition he ran with the number 29, since his favorite number, the 14 he uses in F1, was assigned to another driver. Then he decided to choose the number 29 which is the day of July 1981 when the two-time Asturian world champion was born.

66 is special not only because of what was said in the first paragraph. It is also because it was Mark Donohue who won the first victory for the McLaren team in Indianapolis (1972). Will it repeat the success? Undoubtedly it would be quite a show for the Indy, very good for the motorsport and especially for Fernando himself and the sport of Spain, that we would have the Triple Crown at home ... From AM we hope that it will come true and be able to tell this milestone this year.

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