Alfa Romeo will give the bell at the Geneva Motor Show

Test Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 Diesel 210 HP Super AT8 AWD Q4 13 rec

The Grupo FCA is taking things slowly, very calmly. Maserati is starting a new path and soon we will meet the new Alfieri . On the other hand we have Alfa Romeo , the brand that should restore the prestige of the Italian-American consortium. However, with a MiTo missing from the map and a Giulietta ​​strong> that can no longer withstand the stakes of its rivals, they need new material.

Apparently, this new model will arrive as soon as in the next Geneva Motor Show . Today, the all road segment is the only one that can guarantee a minimum level of sales (and economic performance) in the market. Taking into account, in general terms, how well the Stelvio is working, it would not be unreasonable that they could be thinking of following this path.

Rumors suggest that we will see a Baby Stelvio or not?

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2016 restyling

In statements by the Public Relations officer of Alfa Romeo and Maserati for FCA America, the brand will present a new model in Geneva. Apparently, we will be facing something completely new that will show the luxury and Italian performance level . However, he has not given more data, pointing to the next day March 5 to know more details.

Taking into account these words, we could follow four hypotheses. First: the MiTo has disappeared from the market and instead of being relieved by an urban it could mutate into the B-SUV segment. Second: a few days ago we counted that the Giulietta ​​strong> would soon receive a new restyling with which to endure in the market. Third, that Alfa Romeo is preparing a C-SUV below the Stelvio with which to stand up to the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLC. And fourth, that we are facing a concept of high flights as showcase model.

Alfa Romeo MiTo 2016

If we think with a cool head, any of the four options is valid, but the third one seems more real to us. The reason is simple: the FCA Group needs to grow and to do so it must launch models that do not entail a high cost in its development. In the case of MiTo and Giulietta they have to start from scratch, but in the case of Baby Stelvio no, because the Giorgio platform is new and only slight adjustments should be made.

If we think about the concept of high flights, I hope we are facing the new version of 8C that they promised in their new industrial plan. However, whatever it may be, the Geneva Motor Show will open its doors very soon and there, we will know everything. That, of course, if there are not (will happen) leaks ahead of time.

Source - AlVolante

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