Car2Go and DriveNow Fusion: Daimler and BMW join forces in carsharing

Car2go and DriveNow join, Smart Fortwo

BMW and Daimler are finalizing the arrangements for their new urban electric mobility company . The name of the company is Share Now and will be the result of the merger of its two carsharing DriveNow and Car2Go /platforms. strong>. In this way, they will try to compete in a sector increasingly filled by companies such as Emov, Zity or Wible.

The plan of both brands was announced in March of last year. Although it is now when they set as launch date on February 22, after having received the support of the European Commission. Each German manufacturer will have a 50% share of Share Now . Combined, Car2Go and DriveNow currently provide service with 20,000 vehicles in the 31 most important cities in the world. DriveNow still has no presence in any Spanish city. But it is possible that after this merger vehicles of its fleet arrive under the name of the new company.

'Carsharing' and much more ...

In addition to carsharing , BMW and Daimler have talked about their intention to improve several related technologies. These include electric vehicle charging , automatic parking and communications infrastructure in urban environments. All of them functions that users can access from a single application for mobile .

Car2go and DriveNow join, BMW i3

BMW President , Harald Krüger, said the move" will create solutions for tomorrow's urban mobility: intelligent, perfectly connected and available at your fingertips ". He added: "We believe that this will improve the quality of life in major cities."

A time of mergers

This merger occurs in a context in which several automobile manufacturers World size are beginning to adopt the collaboration , as a means to accelerate the development . At the Detroit Motor Show held last month, Ford and Volkswagen detailed plans to launch a "global alliance", for issues such as the development of electrical technology, autonomous driving and new models. Toyota and BMW have already been collaborating for several years on the development of solid electrolyte batteries and other components.

The Daimler president (Maybach, Mercedes and Smart), Dieter Zetsche, said: "Our vision is to create a global, important company that offers connected and intelligent mobility services." BMW and Daimler have already started projects for the improvement of the recharging infrastructure . For example, together with Ford and the Volkswagen Group, the four brands have launched Ionity's European fast-charging network in 2017.

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