Drive to Survive: the documentary series about Formula 1 of Netflix

Accident of Fernando Alonso in Spa 2018

Netflix For some time now it has been related to F1, in fact, it was rumored with a possible agreement by Liberty Media to broadcast the World Cup through this streaming platform, but that did not happen. What is certain is that there will be a documentary series about F1 on the famous streaming video platform.

Formula 1 and Netflix will come together to launch this new project that It promises to be very exciting for motorsport fans and they can see what you normally can not see on TV cameras during races. That is what he intends. Its title is Drive to Survive (Piloting to survive), and already has a trailer or official teaser in which you can guess what it is going to deal with.

In Drive to Survive you can see the darkest secrets of F1 , as I say, all that goes on behind the scenes and that viewers until now were oblivious to it, but that Netflix will expose to all. Not everything is glamor and parties before and after the races, the pilots are human and the team members too, and now you will know how pilots live the whole event when they are not inside the car, how the teams are organized, how they prepare racing circuits, track action images, and much more.

After the title is the winner of the Academy Award James Gay Rees for the movie Senna , and also Paul Martin de Box to Box Films. What they want is to make F1 an even bigger show and reach where no one has arrived in any other sport, meddling in what is lived "behind the curtain" in, for the moment, 10 exciting chapters .

If you already have a subscription to Netflix and you are interested in Drive to Survive, it will be released on March 8 ., the same month in which the 2019 F1 World Championship begins and this preseason ends with so many unknowns that we are telling you in AM. By the way, Fernando Alonso will be , since this documentary was recorded in 2018 since the last GP of Australia ...

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