How to get your driving license

How to get your driver's license

If you want to get your driver's license You have to go to a driving school. There are several procedures that have to be done with the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT), but you will not have to do anything, because it will be the center where you sign the one that will take care of everything.

Even so, there are a series of questions that you have to be aware of so as not to screw up in the process. Not all driving schools have to advise you well and you can end up paying more than necessary . In this article we will explain in a simple way the procedure behind, so that you are informed of how you should do things.

The requirements that you have to meet to get your driving license in Spain are:

  • Having more than 18 years Although when you have three months to reach the age of majority, you can take the theoretical exam. This is true, at least for the B (car) permit. In other types of driver's license, the required age is different. Another thing is the minimum age to receive classes. The regulations governing driver training centers do not impose any age limitation on the student. The requirement is simply that you reach the controls. Although this practice is not usual.
  • To be Spanish or foreigner with habitual residence in Spain.
  • Enroll in a > driving school . Although you can also take it out on your own, it is not recommended because it can be very complicated and even more expensive.
  • Overcome the psychophysical aptitude test with which you will obtain the psychophysical aptitude report .
  • Pass the theoretical exam of the driver's license.
  • Pass the practical exam of the driver's license.

Tips for enrolling in a driving school

 How to get your driving license by enrolling in a driving school

The only thing you need to enroll in a driving school is your DNI or, if you are a foreigner, your residence card older than 6 months (EU foreigners must also submit the NIE). If you are not of legal age, an adult will have to go with you, who will be the one who hires the driving school.

Important notice:

If they tell you at the driving school that you're going to get the psychophysical exam first, do not do it without thinking . The report they give you has a expiration of three months , so if you take more than that time to introduce yourself to the theoretician, you will have to pay again to get it out again. The explanation of this is that at the time the report is presented in the DGT along with the request for the exam, it goes from having an expiration of 3 months to having an expiration of 2 years . That's why when you ask for the theoretical exam you do not have to worry about it even if you do not approve it.

The offer to do the psychophysical aptitude test to register It may be because the driving school in question belongs to the same organization as the recognition center or because they have some kind of agreement. This last is what happened to us in one of the driving schools that we consulted when gathering information for this article. They even offered discount vouchers for a specific recognition center.Instead of doing that, save it and compare prices between centers . Not everywhere it costs the same.

Psychophysical test to get your driving license

A circumstance in which you would have to take the psychophysical aptitude test before anything else is if you have any special circumstance . That is, any health problem for which your ability to drive is in doubt. It is better to get rid of doubts before paying the license plate in any place.

Compare prices between driving schools:

Take a look at the article: Do you know where it is more expensive and cheaper to get a driver's license? In it we give you the advice so that you do not have to pay more than the account in the registration of the driving school.

Once you have registered, they will give you the book and access to the classes to pass the theoretical exam. As of July 1, 2019 you will have to go in person at least 8 hours. They will also handle the paperwork with the DGT when appropriate . For example, hand in a photocopy of your ID, the signed photo stub, the psychophysical aptitude report and the request for your places in the examination session. What you will have to do is sign an authorization to enter the payment of the fee of 92.20 euros in your name.

Advice to pass the driving tests

Here comes the nerves for everyone who wants to get their driver's license. To deal well with the theoretical and practical exam you have to know that it is not so much a matter of skill or intelligence. Virtually everyone has the physical and mental skills necessary to drive. It's a matter of organization and dedication of the right time .

Take out your driving license, approve the exams

To pass the exams you will be able to submit to three calls . One fixed for the theoretical, another fixed for the practical and a third that you can spend on any of the two tests if you suspend. That is, if you approve the theorist the first time, you will have two opportunities to approve the pilot. If you approve the theorist on the second attempt, you will only have one opportunity for the pilot. But, if you suspend the theorist for the second time, you can not do it a third time without paying the fees again. You can not spend all three exams in the same exam

If you have difficulty passing:

According to the driving school teachers that we have consulted, there are people who have serious problems to pass because of an emotional issue rather than something else. Although intelligence is key to the theoretical examination and skill is to the practitioner, the worst enemy to face them is the nerves.

There are students who get choked by a practical problem nerve management , for excessive insecurity or for lack of encouragement if you have had bad luck several times. Therefore, there are two tips that we can give you: the first is that you do not get carried away if you see that you can fall into one of those states, and the second, that preparation is the best remedy for nerves or insecurity. Focus on the classes and do not show up early for exams due to social pressure.

We recommend that you take a look at two articles we have prepared for you prepare the tests well.Of course, knowing that expires after three months . You will have to go to a driver recognition center or a medical center where they do these psychophysical tests. A quick Google search will tell you the closest one, but if you prefer, the DGT has a list of places you can go.

What do you have to take

To get the Psychophysical Aptitude Report you will have to take your DNI or residence permit if you are a foreigner (plus the NIE if you are a community) . Normally right there they will make the photo, but if you want to take it, you need a photograph of 32 x 26 mm, in color, with a plain background, taken from the front with the head uncovered. You can not wear anything that prevents identification such as sunglasses, hair covering the eyes or similar.

We do not recommend that you spend your money on taking the picture yourself. There are people who care about how it comes out, because they believe it is the one that will be seen on the card. That is only true when renewing it. When you get your driver's license, the photo that actually appears is the one that shows the driving school with the heel photo.

Take off the driving license psycho-physical fitness report

What the test consists of

The test consists of a test of vision, general health and psychomotricity . Nothing that can not be overcome by anyone without serious problems in any of those sections. For vision tests you should wear the glasses that you will use while driving. Warning : If you wear the glasses in the test, it will appear on the card that you must use to drive a vehicle. So they can fine you if you do not take them when you're behind the wheel (or handlebar) of a vehicle. Even so, we recommend you do not fool yourself and do not try to pass the test by removing them and squinting.

If you want to be as prepared as possible , before you even enroll, we recommend you take a look at the articles:

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