In case you still did not know, this is how you drive a car with manual transmission

How to drive a car with a manual transmission

The uses and customs, in general, are different throughout the world. The cars and the driving can not be an exception, because in each region you even drive differently. First, we must highlight those countries where you drive with steering wheel to the right and the other lane. But in addition, we must add those markets where cars with manual change are residual, and even non-existent.

My experience driving in some countries has shown me that the driving in Spain and abroad is a thousand light years away. The most widespread case has to do with the handling of the gearbox, because outside of our borders the automatic transmissions send. In this way, we come to a very common situation: that people usually drive automatic cars do not know how to drive a manual.

The manual change is bound to disappear

Thanks to the evolution that has undergone the technology, automatic gearboxes have evolved exponentially. Now they are softer, more efficient and more economical than manual ones, and they have nothing to do with what was available ten years ago. In addition, the manufacturers have cheapened their prices helping to grow their implementation in the market.

How to drive a car with automatic transmission

Therefore, the manual exchange are losing market share in favor of automatic. Considering this evolution, we liked that the Australian medium Carsales has made this video. In it, he explains how to drive a vehicle equipped with a manual gearbox . Maybe its content sounds pretentious, but I think that many people would be good to know how to handle the third pedal on the left.

How drive a car with a manual transmission

The video is in English, but the tips that you give us are from the book. Among them, it indicates how we should move the shift lever to make the transitions between speeds. What are the pedals you have, how should we step on them and the speed to make the changes. Also, give us a vital advice: if you have never used a vehicle with a manual gearbox, do several tests in stopped to see how the transmission works.

All in all, this short video explaining how to drive a Car with manual gearbox is very good. The reason is simple: if automatic transmissions go over the market, soon the manuals will fall into oblivion. This is happening even in the big sports, so in the near future, we will have to resort to didactic materials to remember how we were driving.

Source - Carsales

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