Kia will show off at the Geneva Motor Show a sporty, electric and futuristic concept

Kia Concept

Reality can not be denied and Kia he knows. Since they launched the first generation of the Cee'd the Old Continent has been the place to which they have looked at all their new models. Thanks to this, their sales have grown like foam and therefore, they have to satisfy this demanding public. Therefore, it is not uncommon that, when a car show is staged, they want to be present with some important news.

In this way, and continuing with this tradition , Kia has announced that they will be at the next Geneva Motor Show . For the Swiss appointment they have decided that they will carry an unpublished model, because they want to continue creating excitement about the brand. Thus, and by publishing a teaser , they announce that they will show a new concept with sports players and powered by electricity .

Kia is committed to electricity and sportsmanship. the series?

KIA GT4 Stinger

The image that Kia has spread of this new concept is revealing, in part. What stands out is its front, because in it we can see some Full LED optical groups that are joined in the central area. The ribs that run along the bonnet, the prominent wheel arches and bumpers announce that this is not a model to "use", but is a genuine sports . This, we can also guess by the absence of rear-view mirrors and aerodynamics that seems well studied.

According to Gregory Guillaume, vice president of design of Kia Motors in Europe

"We imagine the design of an all-electric car that not only responds to the concerns of consumers in terms of reach, performance , recharging networks and driving dynamism . Also one that makes your skin prickle when you look at it and when you drive it "

If we look at the teaser of this new conceptual Kia and look back, we should remember the GT4 Stinger . With it, they took the first step towards the flagship of the brand and therefore, with this new model could take a step towards electrification . However, for now there is no technical details , although March 5 is just around the corner. Therefore, we have to wait for data to be leaked or officially presented. A whole statement of intent .

Source - Kia

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