Koenigsegg wants to rival Ferrari by manufacturing thousands of sports cars per year

Koenigsegg will increase the production of cars to rival Ferrari

Christian von Koenigsegg runs one of the most important brands in the world. At least, in terms of benefits. However, their cars are so exclusive that they barely make a dozen a year. The Swedish businessman is no longer happy with this and will drastically increase his production pace , to become the direct rival of Ferrari .

Koenigsegg has revealed its plans to manufacture hundreds of vehicles a year in 2022. Shortly after that, that amount will rise to four figures without determining an exact number. As confirmed a few months ago, the company is developing a new "access" model with an approximate price of 1 million dollars (880,000 euros). According to sources close to the brand, it could include a 1.050 hp V8 hybrid engine and would be responsible for part of the annual production increase pursued by the firm.

Handmade cars

All Koenigsegg cars currently on sale are manufactured by hand. The only location that has the mark for these works is in Angelholm, Sweden. Some much more modest installations than those of any brand with a significant annual production.

Koenigsegg will increase the production of cars changing factory

Therefore, the production of the new" cheap "model will be located in a old Saab complex , which is located three hours north in Trollhattan. To support such a drastic production increase, Koenigsegg has made a $ 320 million deal with National Electric Vehicles Sweden (NEVS).

The new supercar will use the combustion engine 'freevalve' developed by the brand. That, in addition to not requiring valves, allows the car to start with pure alcohol, which makes it a CO2 neutral engine. If this technology proves its effectiveness and proper functioning, it will probably also be included in the future models of the brand.

How it will fulfill its plans

Von Koenigsegg has not given details of how he intends reach the thousands of vehicles manufactured per year. But, to achieve this ambitious goal, you will surely need the introduction of cheaper models . The 880,000 euros of its model under development are too many to compete with the Ferrari 488 GTB, the Lamborghini Huracan, or McLaren 720S. A sports car, which despite its impressive performance, have a much lower price.

If you like the cars of Koenigsegg , take a look at moment in which the Agera RS snatches the record of acceleration to Chiron. Little joy lasted for those responsible for Bugatti to get the record at 0 to 400 km/h.

Images - Koenigsegg Agera RS ML

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