Test SEAT Arona 1.6 TDI 115 HP Xcellence Edition

Test SEAT Arona

Since its birth, the SEAT Arona was called to the first rows of the manufacturer of Martorell for the great offensive that the Spanish brand raised within the automobile market. Along with the Ibiza and the León, the SUV would be one of those in charge of nourishing the sales quotas.

The SEAT guys did not fail in the predictions. The small of the SUV range of the Spanish firm soon entered the race for the first place against the Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur in the number of units sold in one of the segments that more quota monopolizes within of the automobile market in our country.

Family lines within SEAT

Front SEAT Arona

While the Volkswagen Group does not tend to innovate too much in the designs of its best-selling vehicles , in SEAT they carry this philosophy further, making small changes with respect to previous generations, as can be seen in the SEAT Ibiza.

Although the SEAT Arona is a new model within the range of the Spanish firm, has a strong influence in two vehicles inspired by , the Ibiza and the Ateca. In fact, in my view, it's a combination of both. On the one hand, it offers the dynamism of a utility vehicle, with an urban aspect, but with a higher body of the asphalt.

 Lateral SEAT Arona

The appearance of the front is very similar to what we can find in a SEAT Ibiza , in fact, it shares much of its silhouette except in the lower part, where in the Arona we can find a molding made of plastic that will serve as protection against possible blows or frictions when driving off-road and that increases its SUV vehicle forms, although it is not specially designed for this type of roads.

Your side, personally, is one of the most beautiful views in the segment B-SUV . Two lines of tension create a sharp silhouette, sporty, which, on the other hand, contrasts with the steps of wheels made in black plastic and that constitute an indispensable element in every SUV. SEAT opted for the double tone for the body separated by a badge X in silver, in my opinion, quite a success, as it brings personality and originality to the whole.

 Rear SEAT Arona

The rear completes the design of the SEAT Arona with some rougher lines , which highlights a molding made of plastic that will serve as protection for the basses against shocks and friction, as in the front. On the other hand, the design of the rear is an evolution with respect to the Ibiza, with a distribution of lines of tension that provides a sharper silhouette to the vehicle and a few rear lights, with LED technology in our case, with a more right in my opinion.

Although externally the SEAT Arona seems a model with restrained dimensions, the truth is that its levels are greater than those of a SEAT Ibiza , being these 4.14 meters long, 1.78 meters wide and 1.55 meters high, with a battle of 2.56 meters. That is why the lines present in the interior of the SEAT Arona are similar to those we can find in a SEAT Ibiza or in a Volkswagen Polo , two models with which it shares many elements.

As always, we started with the dashboard . This is where we find some very simple shapes, with a front divided into two heights, the upper one, built in our plastic finish of good quality, slightly fluffy, and the lower, made of synthetic leather that provides a premium touch, with artificial stitching blank.

SEAT Arona multimedia screen

The element The highlight on the dashboard is the 8-inch main screen . From here, both the driver and the co-pilot can navigate through the various menus of the infotainment system, which responds correctly, with animations somewhat slow in my opinion, but without giving a bad product feeling. As in most models of the Volkswagen Group, it is very complete, has navigation, traffic information and connects perfectly and without problems with our smartphone, either via Bluetooth or Apple Car Play/Android Auto.

In the Xcellence Edition finish, which I had the opportunity to test, we also have a audio system made by Beats Audio . I had never tried a model with this sound signature, and honestly, I liked the result. With the equalizer set by default, both bass and treble are well worked, and we will not hear those annoying vibrations (in the case of bass) that I have been able to hear in other models. Undoubtedly, if you like to listen to music, I recommend the Beats system.

SEAT Virtual Cockpit

On the other hand, and already focusing on the mechanical section, the instrument panel in this Xcellence Edition finish is digital . This type of innovation allows more information available to the driver, which is a success when improving safety, not having to divert so much the look of the road. It has three different ways in which to show the information, giving the first more importance to the dials, another focusing completely on the information shown by releasing the speed data to a second plane, and a third, the most complete, which will show the information enclosed between the speedometer and the rev counter.

Another important aspect is the location of the touch screen , which allows the driver not to divert the view too much to access the different menus , which have shortcuts to facilitate their use. Below, we find the controls of the automatic climate control, easy to use thanks to two roulettes and several buttons that allow you to manage the temperature without taking your eyes off the road.

Wait ... here is room for everyone!

SEAT Arona front seats

The SEAT Arona is a day-to-day vehicle, but can also be suitable for a family of four . Its habitability amazes, since from the outside it seems smaller than it is. Both in the front seats, usually wider, as in the rear, there is sufficient space in the height and leg.

Starting with the front seats , in the Xcellence finish Proven edition are made in a combination of alcantara and leather that provide a premium touch to the general set of the cabin.The SEAT Arona offers quite generous height and longitudinal dimensions, since, in my case, and measuring 1.80 meters, I have not felt overwhelming and could make a long journey without any problem. Another song is the central square, less comfortable and through which passes a considerable transmission tunnel, and as in the vast majority of models in this segment, will be very useful in cases of need, but would not recommend its usual use by an adult .

The trunk is one of the strong points of the SEAT Arona. It seems incredible that the Spanish firm could combine a good habitability in the cabin with a capacity of the trunk of 400 liters , in only 4.13 meters in length. In addition, its shapes are cubic, which allows greater use of space, and has a double bottom system to choose whether to leave the floor flush or with a slight step. If we lower the rear row of seats, we find an available space of 1,280 liters, a lot for such a small vehicle.


SEAT Arona engine

The SEAT Arona It is available in four different engines , there is a single diesel and natural gas option, and two gasoline.

The unit tested mounted the diesel engine , a 1.6 TDI 4-cylinder in line that is able to offer 95 or 115 horses depending on the version chosen.

On the other hand, the most ecological variant, with 25% less emissions than a gasoline engine, and economic, because it reduces consumption and has discounts and fees, is the natural gas propeller, called 1.0 TGI . It is formed by 3 cylinders in line, and is capable of granting 90 horses, coupled to a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Finally, gasoline versions are represented by the 1.0 TSI and the 1.5 TSI . The first propeller is capable of developing 95 and 115 horsepower, while the second, only available in the FR finish, provides a sporty touch offering 150 horses.

Except for 1.0 TSI 95 HP and 1.6 versions TDI 115 HP, all others can incorporate the automatic gearbox 7-speed DSG , dual clutch.This, together with the 40 liters capacity of its fuel tank, will allow the 1000 km of autonomy to be touched on this type of roads.

Version Urban consumption Extra urban consumption Average consumption
Version Urban consumption Consumption extra-urban Average consumption
SEAT Arona 1.6 TDI 115 PS Measured 6.5 l/100 km 4.0 l/100 km 5.2 l/100 km
SEAT Arona 1.6 TDI 115 HP Approved 4.9 l/100 km 4.0 l/100 km 4.3 l/100 km

Does it really behave so good?