Tips to pass the driving test

Tips to pass the driving test

Pass the driver's license is one of the procedures that many of us have to go through at some point in our lives. Although it is a simple or difficult process depending on the ability of each, it is also very important to know how to organize and have things clear .

In this article we will tell you everything what you need to know to deal with the theoretical and practical exam . Do not forget that many times it is not just a matter of skill or intelligence, but to dedicate the proper time and know how to stay calm when facing exams.

Tips for the theoretical driving test

Tips for passing the theoretical driving test


Not everyone has time to go to theoretical classes. Although in any case currently most of the time are limited to a room with computers where students can test. Even so, that is not the most interesting thing to go to the center. There you should have a teacher to ask questions . That is why it is advisable that at least some day go to the driving school to solve any doubts you have.

Change starting from July 1, 2019:

From that date it will be mandatory that all students receive at least 8 hours of face-to-face theoretical classes.

The tests and the book

Before presenting yourself to the exam you should take many tests . There are several pages where you can make them for free. However, by doing many crazy tests you will not advance as much as you can think. It is better, that you pause a moment to look in the book the questions that you have failed .

If you limit yourself to see what is the right answer when you get the solutions of the test, you may remember the correct one next time, but you may miss a concept you did not know and will allow you not only to hit that but other similar ones . It is better to do three tests like this, than five without consulting the book.

Tips to pass the driving test with test

The key concepts

Another question that helps a lot, not only to pass the theoretical exam but to circulate correctly , is to know how to differentiate key concepts . You should know for example the differences between stopping, parking and stopping or that whenever we see a signal with red border in blue interior crossed by a single diagonal line refers to prohibited to park not to any of the other two actions.

Example of key concepts:
  • Detention : vehicle unhindered by causes beyond the control of the driver. Example: stopping at a traffic light, yielding to the pass or emergency.
  • Stop : vehicle stationary for less than two minutes and by decision of the driver. Example: stop to pick up passengers.
  • Parking : all other cases. That is, any immobilization of the vehicle that is not in a situation of arrest or stop.

The exam

Going to the quiet test is very helpful.Everyone who does what works for them, but the best method to fight nerves is not done just before the exam . Actually, the fight against the nerves must be done previously avoiding procrastination and/or going badly prepared.

If you have prepared only half of the regulations that come in the book or with an average of 5 failures In the tests you do, it is normal that you go restless. Take infusions or meditate all you want, but if you are nervous it is because there are rules that you have not seen and you mind to suspend. You are playing the pool.

Tips for the practical driving test

 Tips for passing the practical driving test

The Deadlines

You should not wait too long to start with practical classes since you pass the theoretical exam. It is convenient to have everything fresh to face the real traffic. The maximum time allowed by the DGT to approve the pilot once the theorist is approved is two years, but you should not approach that figure or the least without trying. Get organized so you can do both as often as possible .


La is very important. If you see that you do not learn anything from the teacher that has touched you, do not hesitate to request a change. Escape from teachers who pass the class quiet or talking about anything else. A teacher should not just keep quiet until the student does something wrong. It should teach you to anticipate situations and pay attention to traffic, signs and possible dangers.

A cordial relationship with the teacher is also important. If you notice that you do not get along, ask for the change in the driving school. A good and relaxed environment is very important to learn to drive properly.

The practice zone

If the teacher does not Take the area where you usually do the practical exams , request it yourself. In large cities it is usually problematic because it can be far from where you normally do classes. If that is your case, try to square a couple of days in which you do two hours in a row in an hour with little traffic. This will give you time to get closer to the examination area and familiarize yourself with the area .

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