Volkswagen says it will eliminate the CO2 footprint of the manufacture of its electric cars

Electric Volkswagen Eco-IDs

The Volkswagen Group has given a 180º turn since the days of dieselgate . The brand has presented its plan so that its next electric ones are even more ecological . Not only will they be zero emissions in their daily use, but during their manufacture and recycling they will not leave any carbon footprint.

Volkswagen wants to use green energies throughout the supply chain and in your own factories . In the words of their representatives, the ID models will fulfill the necessary conditions to have "zero carbon footprint throughout their life cycle". Of course, as long as the client does his part and "loads them with the same kind of energy".

 Electric Volkswagen Eco-IDs

Only in the manufacturing phase , Volkswagen says that "the carbon emissions of the IDs would be reduced by more than 1 million tons of CO2 per year ". Thomas Ulbrich, member of the Board responsible for Volkswagen electric mobility, commented: "Climate change is the biggest challenge of our times. As the world's largest automaker, Volkswagen assumes its responsibility with the creation of the ID. It will be the first electric car produced without a carbon footprint within the Group. To ensure that it is 100% free of emissions during its life cycle, we are working on different methods of using green energy. The truly sustainable mobility is feasible if we all want it and we all work on it. "

A greener Volkswagen

A good example of Volkswagen's work in this regard are the new mobile chargers for electric cars. These devices use renewable energies and can be placed where required. The brand has also created a company dedicated to the energy offers and the charging solutions . His name is ELI and Ulbrich described his activity as the "creation of a smart energy tariff portfolio". Always using renewable sources such as hydroelectric power plants. As well as the development of "domestic batteries, charging stations and an energy management system". All this with the aim of developing the necessary infrastructures for electric mobility and eliminating carbon emissions throughout the process.

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